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Civil War, Boko Haram, Militants, Insurgents, Killer Herdsmen,Serial Abductors; Nigeria, From Dream to Nightmare— By Gbenga Oyelakin

Nigeria’s journey from dream to nightmare is a complex and multifaceted story that reflects the challenges faced by many developing countries today; it is important to remember that no place is perfect, and each country has its own unique set of issues to address.

The current and actual realities of Nigeria and more are political instability, corruption, ethnic and religious tension, and economic challenges. For instance, the competition for power and resources among the over 250 ethnic groups in Nigeria has often led to ethnic and religious tensions, fueling conflicts and violence across the country. The Biafran Civil War in the late 1960s, the Niger Delta militant groups, the Boko Haram insurgency, killer herdsmen, unknown gunmen, serial abductors, and money ritualists are all manifestations of its current realities.

Unfortunately, the failure of the government to circumvent the situation has perpetuated a cycle of violence and division. While the road ahead may be difficult, there is hope that with the right leadership, policies, and investments, Nigeria can overcome its challenges and fulfill its true potential as the united, prosperous, and peaceful nation we always dream about.

The Nigeria we dream of is an ideal nation where each citizen, regardless of their background, gets equal chances to thrive and succeed, a nation where the government is transparent, accountable, and responsive to the needs of the people. Also, this dream Nigeria, there are strong rule of law and respect for human and civil rights in a vibrant civil society that actively participates in governance where corruption is a thing of the past. In this ideal Nigeria, the education system is of high quality and accessible to all, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to learn and grow.

The healthcare system is robust and efficient, providing top-notch care to every citizen. Infrastructure is well-developed, with modern roads, bridges, and utilities connecting every corner of the country. The economy is strong and diversified, creating jobs and opportunities for all. Agriculture is thriving, providing food security and boosting the livelihoods of millions of farmers.

Again, industries are booming, innovative startups are flourishing, and the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. In this Nigeria, the environment is revered and protected, with sustainable practices ensuring a clean and healthy planet for future generations. Communities are safe and well-governed, with strong social services and support systems in place.

I believe this is not too much to ask for. The dream of a better Nigeria is still within reach, but it will require the collective efforts of all Nigerians to turn that dream into a reality. On top of that, we need to know that dreams are like ambitions; they require strong determination and hard work to achieve. Therefore, we must all focus on achieving and making these dreams reality by taking several key steps, discussed in the subsequent paragraphs.

There is need for strong and visionary leadership that is committed to good governance, transparency, and accountability. Political reforms that strengthen democratic institutions, promote rule of law, and combat corruption are essential to building a more inclusive and equitable society.

Additionally, addressing ethnic and religious tensions requires a concerted effort to promote dialogue, understanding, and reconciliation among different groups. Investing in education, healthcare, and infrastructure in marginalized regions can help address the root causes of conflict and promote social cohesion. Economic diversification, job creation, and investment in human capital are crucial to building a more resilient and sustainable economy that benefits all Nigerians.

Ultimately, the Nigeria we have always dreamed of is a beacon of hope and inspiration. It is a Nigeria where the potential of every citizen is fully utilized, where diversity is celebrated, and where the collective future is auspiciously refulgent. With a diverse population of over 200 million people representing various ethnic groups, Nigeria has long been seen as a land of promise and potential. Thus, Thus, we are urged to continue working towards building Nigeria, one step at a time, with faith, determination, and a steadfast commitment to progress.




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