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Fresh Nursing Graduate Killed, Womb Harvested After Induction

A Nigerian lady, Omoniyi Bolutife, who was inducted into the nursing and midwives councils has been found dead after she visited a nightclub to celebrate her newly achieved feat.

Itrybe gathered that Bolutife who graduated from Lead City, Ibadan, visited a club based in Ibadan before the unfortunate incident happened.

According to posts circulating on social media, the friends of the deceased revealed that her brutal murder unfolded subsequent to her time spent with unidentified companions at Copacapana nightclub, where they had gathered to celebrate her successful nursing induction.

The induction ceremony had taken place on August 8th at the university campus, just moments before the heartbreaking incident transpired.

In a sorrowful announcement, Ore shared, “I can’t shake off the memory of seeing her lifeless form yesterday. The profound cold shivers that gripped me for hours, and how it made me realize the fragility of life as her body remained exposed, neglected by those who passed by.”

Regarding this tragic event, the management of Copacapana nightclub released a statement on Thursday, clarifying that the incident did not occur within their establishment.

They emphasized that proper authorities have initiated investigations and are diligently handling the matter.




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