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“Only Legitimate Job Can Make One Survive In S’Africa — Destiny Osazee

When it comes to identifying with talents around the globe, Nigerians always make the list because we have grown and gradually made ourselves available to learn and understand all crafts and popular Nigerian movie producer, director and music producer, Destiny Osazee Okunbor is not left out in the mention.

Destiny has been doing well in South Africa as regards the entertainment industry and he is not slowing down as he has grown to become a force to reckon with.

In a recent chat with, the all round entertainment mugol wasted no time in sharing his journey so far and how he has been able to pull through in a foreign land.

Read excerpts below;

You have been doing well in south Africa where you have worked with many actors, how has the reception been like as a Nigerian?

At first it wasn’t easy but because I’m good in what I do South Africa accepted me.

What were the first challenges you encountered before being able to fit into the South African entertainment system?

As an entrepreneur you need stability, when you running your own company you need money to run keep the company going that was a big challenge for me.

As a Nigerian based in South Africa this long, how have you been able to pull through the whole discrimination of Nigerians over there?

If you understand South Africa, all they want is for you as a foreigner to have a legitimate job and when you’re tested they will start supporting you.

Having worked with so many top stars in South Africa, do you have any plans of coming back to Nigeria to back impacts in the movie industry?

Yes i do, I mean Nigeria is my country, home is home.

If you were to come back fully to shoot movies in Nigeria, who are the top stars you will like to work with?

I will love to work with Ramsey Noah, Chris Bassey, Jim iyke and many others.




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