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Russia and China-Based Cyber Attacks on German Companies Increase, Report Says

The German digital association Bitkom has reported an increase in cyber attacks originating from China and Russia.

According to managing director Bernhard Rohleder, there has been a doubling of attacks from Russia over the past two years, and a 50% increase in known incidents from China.

Rohleder stated that 80% of companies have been targeted by attacks such as data theft, espionage, or sabotage.

Germany’s Interior Minister Nancy Faeser and the president of the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), Holger Münch, are set to present the “National Situation Report on Cybercrime” for 2023, which highlights the growing number of cybercrimes committed from abroad or from unknown locations.

The report also notes that the financial damage caused by cybercrime to German companies has increased significantly, with an estimated €148 billion ($159 billion) in losses per year.

Rohleder attributed these attacks to organized crime groups and foreign intelligence services, with motivations ranging from financial gain to causing damage to critical infrastructure.

Additionally, some individuals may engage in cybercrime for personal enjoyment.

Source: German News Service.



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