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Street And Cathedral: Mohbad, A Martyr Of Gomorrah- By Dimeji Sodeke

EPISODE 1The world mourns the loss of a martyr, a reflection of the struggles faced by many in society.  Mohbad, also known as Imole, represents the streets and the cathedral, embodying the reality of Gomorrah. There is no dispute in the truth that while growing, the Cathedral played a vital role in instilling moral virtues and spiritual values. One would see Imole in this case very familiar to such upbringing in the cathedral. This must have been the exact place he caught the glimpse of the light that shone on him. His existence as “Light” raises questions about the nature of this light. For the son of man goeth as it is written on him.

It is disheartening to witness aged cathedral men, commenting on every trending issue, turning out so quick to cast stones and blame the loss of this light. They forget that their descendants were the ones who brought the Sodomite woman to Jesus to be stoned. It becomes obvious truly that the Cathedral which is meant to be a place of refuge for many had constantly been caught playing the role of the throne of Judgement. They only fail to acknowledge that true judgment lies not in harsh condemnation, but in healing and love. If the fingers are pointed at the street then there is a finger pointed back as regards the loss of a cathedral singer, Sinach, murdered by her “born-again” husband, which remains unresolved, highlighting the high level of hypocrisy within the cathedral just like their descendants of Pharisees and Sadducees.

It would be perfect to point out that both the street and the cathedral in Gomorrah have the same fate. The older generation has led the nation to its current state of Gomorrah, yet they focus solely on blame rather than finding solutions. The wisdom of not speaking ill of the dead seems to have been forgotten. Nigeria has been dragged to the lowest point on Earth, akin to the Dead Sea, symbolizing God’s punishment. The older generation has embezzled the future of the nation, leaving the children on the streets to fend for themselves. Youths have migrated in multitudes to foreign nations, forsaking their professionalism by being involved in “Modern Slavery”. They have made the citizens of the nation search for a better life off the shores of their Father’s land, to a place they will never be respected or treated with dignity. Would any Cathedral preacher have preferred Imole to be a useful brother whose offering is constant, doing free music in the cathedral as a choir under the disguise of working for the Lord but in abject poverty or fending for himself in the world since we were instructed to go into the world? Family virtues have been attacked right in the Cathedral but as long as the Sunday debiting is constant, I guess it’s for the Lord to solve their problems.

The cathedral often sought for solace and hope, is ready to empty the pockets of sincere worshipers seeking spiritual assistance. Amid this hardship, Imole bargained with his gifts to shine the light he was meant to be. The struggles he faced resonate with many in the nation. However, the cathedral shows disdain towards those who seek to better themselves. One would have hoped that a cathedral preacher would have been bold enough to support and uplift the youth, just as Jesus did. It could only take more than pointing accusations and fingers that make the street man called Zaccheus proceed into restitution. It is important at this critical state of faith that since no cathedral preacher could exercise Elijah’s magnitude of display to cause trouble in a nation then the content of their messages should be solely on their non-evidence-based faith.

Gomorrah faced destruction, regardless of the presence of cathedrals or noisemakers. A young person’s journey out of poverty does not require permission from others. It is instinctual for individuals to strive for a better life. Religion can sometimes act as a distraction, as Karl Marx suggested it is the opium of the masses, yet every young person should understand that everything founded upon the pillars of wisdom that made the world run to date cannot be discarded. In the bid to search for a better life, the light of Mohbad’s demise has revealed that there is the need to apply both brake and acceleration. Ambition is good but not in a reckless manner. If you lay with dogs you will get up with fleas.

Mohbad’s light reveals to lead a nation like Nigeria, it takes more than an upright cathedral man. The mentality must align with a global or continental mindset. Jesus was correct when he proclaimed his mission was to deliver the good news to the poor, freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind. Hence, it will be right to say He was sent to the Street. It is ironic because it was the cathedral men who clamoured for his death since he was  disrupting their gains. Imole claimed his  sound was biblical, but the cathedral men would rather want the street to be separated from them just like they found Jesus disgusting eating, laughing and sitting amongst people on the streets

Mohbad’s story resonates with the average citizen, reflecting the struggles faced by the youth. Nigeria has failed its citizens, with high levels of nepotism and corruption. The average Nigerian lives in worse conditions than a European dog, while the elites of the land treat their people with disdain. The gap between the rich and the poor has eradicated the existence of whatever is known as the middle class.

Imole’s death has brought forth the deep cry of the average youth in the country. The love for home remains, but the government fails to provide substantial evidence of hope. The disdain and judgment passed by the cathedral and government officials towards Mohbad reflect their true feelings towards the youth of the nation. It shows how her citizens have lost hope in providing justice as a feeling of a sense of belonging.

In conclusion, Mohbad’s life and death shed light on the struggles faced by the youth in Nigeria. The older generation and the cathedral have failed to provide guidance and support, instead focusing on blame and judgment. The nation is a reflection of Gomorrah, with corruption and inequality plaguing her citizens. It is time for a change, for the youth to rise and demand a better future. Mohbad’s death has amplified the cry of the average Nigerian youth and calls for a collective effort to address the underlying issues facing the nation. It emphasizes the importance of introspection, understanding, and action from both the youth and the leaders to create a better future for Nigeria.




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