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Street & Cathedral: Exploring the Global Perspective, Insights from Ongoing Conflicts and Technological Advancements- By Dimeji Sodeke

Episode 2 – In the past few years, the world stage has become a chaotic battleground, with conflicts like the ongoing Ukraine conflict, recurring turmoil in Israel, exemplified by the recent Israel-Hamas clash, and the persistent challenges faced by African nations. The Syrian Civil War, which erupted in 2011, serves as another poignant example of the complex global issues we grapple with.

The Israel-Hamas conflict in 2021 stands out as a stark reminder. Not only did it result in significant casualties, but it also shed light on the enduring tensions in the region. The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reported a humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip, one of the primary conflict zones, emphasizing the urgent need for international cooperation and a reevaluation of our global mindset.

Amidst this global chaos, it is natural to question the collective mindset that governs our world. According to data from the Institute for Economics and Peace, the economic impact of violence worldwide was estimated at $14.5 trillion in 2020, underscoring the urgency of understanding and reshaping our approach to conflict.

It is easy to succumb to despair when faced with the grim realities of war—scenes of destruction and profound loss dominate the narrative. However, within the heart of this chaos lies a counterpoint of hope, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of humanity. Humanitarian organizations like the International Committee of the Red Cross share stories of resilience amidst conflict, where communities rise above adversity to rebuild shattered lives.

It is from these stories that our global mindset takes shape, refined in the crucible of conflict, emerging not broken but strengthened, wiser, and more empathetic. The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute reports a decrease in the number of armed conflicts since the 1990s, highlighting the potential for positive change despite ongoing challenges.

While conflicts like the Israel-Hamas clash may shock and dismay, they also act as catalysts for the evolution of a global mindset rooted in empathy and understanding. The Global Peace Index, which measures peace in countries based on various indicators, emphasizes the importance of rejecting fatalistic notions about the inevitability of conflict.

The perspective of a global mindset is a privilege not accessible to everyone. In the intricate tapestry of humanity, individuals nurture diverse perspectives, ranging from local and tribal mindsets to steadfast nationalistic beliefs. Some dwell within the confines of a continental outlook, while a select few ascend to the paramount summit of a truly global mindset.

The omnipresence of the internet, driven by the rise of social media, has transformed our world into both a global village and an interconnected room. Recent times have thrust humanity into an era of compelling coexistence, demanding tolerance, extensive research, and profound understanding. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) highlights the role of education in fostering a global mindset, emphasizing the need for a curriculum that promotes intercultural understanding.

Simultaneously, technological progress hurtles forward at an unprecedented pace, with advancements in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and the realization of Smart Cities, among other groundbreaking innovations. The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report underscores the role of technological readiness in shaping the future global landscape.

Crucially, a global mindset acknowledges that no culture holds inherent superiority. Cultural anthropologist Richard Shweder emphasizes the recognition of cultural relativity as fundamental to fostering a global mindset. Educated minds comprehend this truth, advocating for the discernment of cultural excesses, the abandonment of detrimental values, and the adoption of positive principles. This evolution, influenced by both the harsh realities of conflict and the transformative power of technology, propels humanity towards a future where unity, understanding, and collective progress reign supreme.




  1. Quite an interesting and thought- provoking piece. Very hard to comprehend the concept of a global mindset in these times where nationalism and individualism is taking the forefront in intellectual discussions. Imagine a home secretary saying boldly that multiculturalism has failed worldwide.


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