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Webber 3×3 Championship Organisers Seek To Build Courts Nationwide

SPORT- Webber Hoops and Courts in conjunction with Hoop Dreams Nigeria hosted the Lagos Slam Jam 3×3 Basketball Championship last weekend at 1004 estate in Victoria Island.

Webber Hoops and Courts, have disclosed their intention to facilitate the construction of basketball courts across the country.

The championship had over 16 teams vying for the #500,000 Prize money.

Kingsmen defeated White Fire by 14 to 9 points to win the one-day 3×3 Webber Basketball Championship.

The Kingsmen team had Ezike Somto (Lagos Raptors), David Edward (Lagos Legends), Abel Offia (Rivers Hoopers), Regina Iorunumbe (First Bank), Favour Essien (MFM) and Ogunsemore Olajide (Comets).

Webber 3×3 Championship Organisers Seek To Build Courts Nationwide

Speaking at the end of the championship, MD/CEO, Webber Hoops and Courts Engineering Limited, Opeyemi Babalola, said the event is aimed at promoting basketball and take it to the same level as football and also create an atmosphere to show Nigerians that the sport could be played in any open space like football.

“Apart from organising basketball events and identifying talents, Webber Hoops and Courts is also using the event to also show Nigerians that we construct basketball courts at all levels, including permanent or mobile courts.

“When I was based in Angola, I discovered one major secret why the country is doing well in basketball and the game is rated as a major sport more than football is because there are courts at every location in the country.

“When I came back to Nigeria, I decided to start the business of constructing basketball courts. For basketball to grow in Nigeria to the same level with football, we need to encourage the construction of courts everywhere.

“Because of space constraint, we also create mobile courts, which can be used in any available space temporarily or permanently. So, organisations, schools, churches, mosques, among others that want to organise basketball tournaments can use mobile courts for such events.

“This initiative will help to promote the growth of basketball in Nigeria at all levels,” he said.

On the 3×3 Webber Basketball Championship, Opeyemi said in 2024 his firm will organize it in other part of the country.

“We are still coming to the Mainland and also to Abuja. The 3×3 basketball tournament allows girls to be in the same team with the boys to show that the sport is for all genders. It is an all inclusive sport,” he said.



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