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You Were Blatantly Rejected Stop Your Foolhardy Actions – PTD of NUPENG Concerned Members Blast Troublemakers

A group of concerned members of the Petroleum Tanker Driver (PTD) of the National Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) has called on the aggrieved members to stop dragging the reputation of the organization in the mud, while also imploring stakeholders to disregard the sponsored propaganda against the executives and that the members should go about their normal bussiness without fear of intimidation.

In their words “We want to call the attention of our leaders and all members of Petroleum Tanker Driver (PTD) Branch of NUPENG to these prolonging shameful and unprofessional acts by our immediate past national chairman and some disgruntled Members where they go about releasing damaging information about our union and its leaders.

“Comrade Lucky Osesua, Comrade Dayyabu Garga, Comrade Peter Moudebelu(Owan) and disgruntled members should know that they can never achieve anything good with all these shenanigans.

“They must realise that the union is not a one man business and that it’s nobody’s property as it belong to all members. So there is no reason for them to go this low trying to destroy the house that built them because election does not favour them.

“It is God that makes leaders and give positions, so they must know that no individual, no matter how powerful has the power to push them out of office.

“They must accept the fact that none of these people; Comrade Williams AKPOREHA, Comrade Afolabi Olawale, Comrade Otunba Salimon Akanni Oladiti, Comrade OLUJIDE Solomon Kilanko, Comrade Augustine Egbon that sent them out of office, IT IS SIMPLY THAT “THE MEMBERS REJECTED THEM AT THE POLL. So they should stop badmouthing these wonderful leaders.

“And the fact remains that if they handled the situation with wisdom, they would still remain our respected leaders and may still hold important positions in the union in future.

“So they should stop fooling themselves by trying to bring down the house built by God himself. The founding fathers of our dear union built the union based on love for all, respect for leaders and people in authority, and service to/posterity of members. Not on ill-feelings, hatred, covetousness, revenge, destructive tendencies, slandering and false misrepresentation as portrayed by Comrade Lucky Osesua, Comrade Dayyabu Garga and others.

“We are ashamed whenever we go through the newspaper and see many of their shameful propaganda, it is so demeaning for them, and they should please stop and stop disgracing us

“They say they are the real leaders of PTD Branch of NUPENG because of a kangaroo election they conducted. And we are telling them that Leadership is not by force, they cannot impose themselves on we the members of PTD.

“We will not be quick to forget the rigorous exercise we went through on the 31st of October, 2023 to elect our true leaders, an election that produced Comrade Augustine Egbon as the Chairman.

“So who are the members that elected them into office and how many are they? They should tell us the units and zones the members come from? What Labour representative supervised their election and which NUPENG official officiated their election. WHY ARE THEY FOOLING THEMSELVES?

“We want our respected leaders to ignore these sets of destroyers. It is clear that they are mere losers trying to distract them from the good work they are doing.

“We acknowledge the many welfare and developmental programs/projects going on across all our zones, most importantly the recent Health Insurance Scheme for all members.

“We also call on all members to be aware of the antics of the forceful leaders, we must all know that they are instruments of the devil to destabilize our ranks. GOD ALMIGHTY AND THE SWEAT OF OUR FOUNDING FATHERS WILL PUT THEM TO SHAME.” The group concluded.



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